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Empresa traducción e interpretación en Barcelona

The only translation and interpretation cooperative in Spain


KOINÓS is a Greek word that means “serving the community”. That is exactly our goal: to provide an all-inclusive service to our customers in the fields of translation, interpretation, and events management. We are much more than a translation and interpretation company. Our group is made up of highly qualified professional translators and interpreters with a broad personal experience who decided to get together and pool their knowledge and experience in a cooperative.

We are committed to our customers’ satisfaction, and for that we follow up our services right until the end of the event. Being a cooperative allows us to offer totally customized services of the highest quality at competitive prices. One of our slogans is lifelong learning; in a world that is constantly changing and evolving, it is vital to keep up with the new terminology appearing in every field, and we are strongly committed to this.


Members of the translation and interpretation cooperative

Núria Vallano

Empresa de traducción en Barcelona - Núria Vallano


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Béatrice Marquis

Empresa de traducción en Barcelona - Béatrice Marquis


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Laia Sanmartí

Empresa de traducción en Barcelona - Laia Sanmartí


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David Morris

Empresa de traducción en Barcelona - David Morris


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Catherine Arnaud

Empresa de traducción en Barcelona - Catherine Arnaud


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Carles Moner

Empresa de traducción en Barcelona - Carles Moner


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