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Empresa de traducción en Barcelona

Translation –Translation services in Barcelona

The image of a company or entity is reflected on all its documents: adverts, leaflets, technical manuals, business documents and letters, contracts, etc. and is the one seen by its clients, people in general and other entities.

All these documents must be written in an impeccable and adequate way, clearly identifying and transmitting the message. A good translation is one that clearly and concisely expresses the contents of a document written in one language in a different language. That is why it is so important to trust this work to professionals with the right level of education and experience.

The professional translators at Koinós have a sound and professional experience. Our translations will contribute to make your business successful, and will help you find the right way of making yourself known abroad.


Translation modes

  • Commercial translations
  • Technical translations
  • Sworn translations
  • Legal translations
  • Literary translations
  • Audiovisual translations
  • Sight translations

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