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Intérpretes profesionales en Barcelona - Traducción simultánea barcelona

Interpretation or Simultaneous Translation

Interpretation or simultaneous translation requires a very specific set of skills from interpreters, together with a great deal of preparation, since interpreters perform three skills simultaneously: listening to the speaker, understanding and processing the speech and translating it into a different language in a way that listeners can understand.  Interpreters can never translate word-by-word, they translate ideas, the sense, using techniques that are only learnt at the right universities with a long-standing experience. Simultaneous interpreting is used for all kinds of conferences (medicine, economics, politics, law, etc.), international meetings, workshops, company meetings with trade unions, etc.

Interpretation modes

  • Simultaneous
  • Consecutive
  • Liaison or accompanying interpreter
  • Sworn
  • Whispered o Chuchotage

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